Watson AI xprize

our demo 

CloudConstable is developing an AI solution to tackle the grand challenge of protecting seniors and young children against cyberthreats that may be lurking as part of their social online interactions.  As part of the solution, we are also developing a prototype of an AI Assistant tailored specifically for their needs.  We have created this demo website to demo our progress, and to collaborate with the user community so we can work together to make a social impact.

For year 1 of the IBM Watson XPRIZE competition, we have developed a proof of concept to show that we can take a variety of data, such as voice conversation, music, email text, SMS messages, photograph images, and use AI services to detect fraud and inappropriate content.  The challenge has been getting the large amount of data necessary to train our AI models.  Over the course of the competition, we are expecting to fine-tune our AI models by capturing the appropriate data using the prototype of our AI Assistant and through the participation of the user community.

Please select from the menu and try out our demos for the first year deliverables of the competition, and feel free to provide us with your feedback so we could continue to improve on what we have built.